[IPython-user] Can you send a command to ipython without affecting the history?

Gerard Brunick gbrunick@math.utexas....
Thu Jul 16 16:36:23 CDT 2009

I was putting together an emacs wrapper for ipython, as I was having 
some issues with ipython.el.  With respect to completion, I can 
certainly send a command to ipython and get the list of candidates, but 
this command gets saved in the history and the prompt count gets 
updated.  Is there any way to avoid having the command and the output 
added to the history and the prompt number incremented?   As best I can 
tell , CachedOutput is connected into sys.displayhook, so it seems 
difficult to work around this?

I should also note that ipython.el has a comment like
I was hoping this was a magic comment that made ipython ignore this 
command with respect to history, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I'm using ipython 0.9.1 on Ubuntu Hardy. Any suggestions would be 


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