[IPython-user] Can you send a command to ipython without affecting the history?

Gerard Brunick gbrunick@math.utexas....
Fri Jul 17 15:00:08 CDT 2009

I don't seem to have this magic command?  Even grepping the most recent 
source from launchpad does seem to turn up such a command.  What am I 
missing here?

Alaric Moore wrote:
> Try %hide, but I don't believe that it entirely deletes history, but 
> you could just not save anything... then there would be no reason for 
> any command to be in the history, right?
> 2009/7/16 Gerard Brunick <gbrunick@math.utexas.edu 
> <mailto:gbrunick@math.utexas.edu>>
>     I was putting together an emacs wrapper for ipython, as I was having
>     some issues with ipython.el.  With respect to completion, I can
>     certainly send a command to ipython and get the list of
>     candidates, but
>     this command gets saved in the history and the prompt count gets
>     updated.  Is there any way to avoid having the command and the output
>     added to the history and the prompt number incremented?   As best
>     I can
>     tell , CachedOutput is connected into sys.displayhook, so it seems
>     difficult to work around this?
>     I should also note that ipython.el has a comment like
>     I was hoping this was a magic comment that made ipython ignore this
>     command with respect to history, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
>     I'm using ipython 0.9.1 on Ubuntu Hardy. Any suggestions would be
>     appreciated.
>     Thanks,
>     Gerard
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