[IPython-user] Closing an embedded IPython Shell.

Dennis Muhlestein djmuhlestein@gmail....
Wed Jul 29 13:16:07 CDT 2009

> Do you have a small snippet you could rip out and send me so I can run
> it locally without your whole tool?
> I think I have an idea on how to do this, but I'd be vastly more
> efficient if I can do some testing locally...

Running the attached, I'd like if it works this way:

ctrl-D in the shell prompts for exit.  Exit closes the GUI and then  
the shell closes.  This is actually working correctly for me.
If I close the GUI, I'd like the shell to drop back to the prompt  
without prompting for exit.  It doesn't prompt for exit but it is  
stuck wating for stdin.

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Thanks for all you're input/help and making IPython better.


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