[IPython-user] IPython.ipapi.launch_new_instance tries to execute all files in sys.argv!

Matthew Wilson matt@tplus1....
Wed Jul 29 14:35:26 CDT 2009

On Thu 23 Jul 2009 12:53:30 PM EDT, Robert Kern wrote:
> launch_new_instance() and the functions it calls should take an argv argument 
> that only defaults to sys.argv. Library functions should never inspect sys.argv 
> without a way for the caller to override it.

I don't see a way to call IPython.ipapi.launch_new_instance and specify
that argv argument.

    def launch_new_instance(user_ns = None,shellclass = None):
        """ Make and start a new ipython instance.
        This can be called even without having an already initialized 
        ipython session running.
        This is also used as the egg entry point for the 'ipython' script.
        ses = make_session(user_ns,shellclass)

What's another way to start ipython and have it ignore the contents of sys.argv?


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