[IPython-user] Starting wx python apps

Dennis Muhlestein djmuhlestein@gmail....
Fri Jun 26 13:37:37 CDT 2009

I would like to use ipython with a wx application.

If I start iPython with -wthread, then, in the shell, I load the script 
that loads my application, all seems to work properly.

If however, I try to have iPython start my application, iPython doesn't 
drop into the shell until after my script has been run.

 > ipython -wthread test.py

It appears the problem is that test.py is evaluated before the shell 
enters it's mainloop function.

Does anyone know a way to remedy this?

Preferably, I'd like to provide a script that launches my application, 
and if iPython is available, it also drops to an iPython console on the 
command line when the application is run.


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