[IPython-user] Starting wx python apps

Dennis Muhlestein djmuhlestein@gmail....
Fri Jun 26 15:29:53 CDT 2009

> Interesting.
> On my Fedora, plot doesn't block the Ipython entry. They happily live by 
> eachother.
> One thing I modified in the Shell.py (inside IPython folder) is to make 
> sure that I am always starting with pylab:
>      #user_opts = set([s.replace('-','') for s in argv[:3]])
>      user_opts = set(['pylab'])
> Could you try with this?

I didn't modify this file, but I'm pretty sure this would cause the Show 
function to not block since if I start ipython with -pylab, I can verify 
the non-blocking feature.

My problem is that -pylab and -wthread don't work the same way.

ipython -pylab pylab_script.py # __doesn't__ block
ipython -wthread wx_script.py # __does__ block

It would be nice if -wthread worked the same as -pylab


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