[IPython-user] paste frustrations

Ludwig Schwardt ludwig.schwardt@gmail....
Wed Mar 4 02:21:30 CST 2009

As someone who had something to do with readline support for ipython on Mac
OS X, I cringe every time I hear that word... ("readline", that is :-))

I share your paste frustration. For the past few months I have had numerous
mispastes into ipython, usually when pasting large blocks of code, or code
with complicated indenting and line continuations. I first suspected my
editor, but never really investigated the problem until now.

The text you posted at http://www.robince.net/robince/data.txt is a real
poison pill... When I start up ipython 0.9.1 on Mac OS 10.5.6 and paste this
text at the terminal prompt, ipython crashes with the message:

s_push: parser stack overflow

The IPython crash report is available on request.

I tried pasting the text into System Python 2.5.1, which resulted in
corrupted text (duplicated text snippets) and a resulting syntax error, but
no crash. System Python on Mac OS X uses editline, which is a replacement
for readline, so the problem does not seem to be readline itself. I
confirmed this by switching off readline in ipython ("readline 0" in
ipythonrc), which results in the same crash as before.

The problem therefore seems to be Python itself on Mac OS X...

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