[IPython-user] history and cpaste/edit

humbaba@gm... humbaba@gm...
Sun Mar 22 10:27:05 CDT 2009

> [~]|3> cpaste
> Pasting code; enter '--' alone on the line to stop.
> :a=1
> :b=2
> :--
> [~]|4> print pasted_block
> a=1
> b=2
> [~]|5> edit pasted_block

This is not what i wanted. I want the pasted code to show up in the history, 
so i can save it with the other stuff i wrote before/after pasting. At the 
moment i have to replace lines like "_ip.magic("cpaste ")" manually with the 
pasted code. It can be very annoying when you paste many code snippets and 
write some code in between them.
Anyway thank you for you tip.


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