[IPython-user] Trouble with escape key and history searching

Adam keflavich@gmail....
Mon May 4 11:55:38 CDT 2009

Hi ipython group,
  I've grown accustomed to using the 'escape' key to remove input at
the bash command prompt without holding down backspace.  When I do
this in ipython, though, it also kills the
'search-history-(forwards|backward)' capability of the command line
and does funny things to command line editing (e.g., if I try to
remove text using backspace, the deleted text reappears to the right
of my cursor with extra spaces).  Is my use of the 'escape' key
breaking the readline key mappings somehow?  Clearly it's bad practice
to use, so I should get out of the habit, but I'd like to learn how to
fix the problem too.


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