[IPython-user] Unable to get MPI examples to work

Victor Hwang psycovic@gmail....
Tue Nov 17 13:09:28 CST 2009


I have a network of 16 computation nodes set up with one main supervisor
node.  I've installed mpi4py and iPython on all of them. Here are the steps
I run to get things going:

on supervisor:
$ ipcontroller

then I get the ipcontroller-engine.furl to all the nodes. Then, on each
nodes, I run:
mpiexec -n 1 ipengine --mpi=mpi4py --furl-file=/location/of/file

I can control all of these engines from the supervisor on iPython, but when
I run the psum example (
the returned results I get from each node don't agree with each other.
followed the listed commands exactly.  Any ideas?
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