[IPython-user] Cannot start ipcluster

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Sun Oct 18 23:47:34 CDT 2009

> You are right on your suspicion. I was making a clean run on each file.
> That is deleting everything except the sea files in the folders. With this
> configuration multiprocessing module's pooling approach doesn't work. It
> cannot branch into the external script completely. However when I leave the
> processed outputs in the folders and run the script it works and takes much
> less than IPython's parallelism. Not the question is how to explain this
> behaviour.
> End of my 2.4 to 2.7X speed-up happiness :)
I know this form experience.  Every time I have had speedups that were too
good to be true, there was always something hidden
that ended the pipe-dream.

But I just want to clarify a few points:

* What is the len of the iterable that you pass to the various parallel
versions of map?

* About how long on average does it take to compute things for one element
of the iterable?

Because I don't have the data, I can't tell these things from your scripts.


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