[IPython-user] Tab completion not sorting... build 0.11.alpha1.bzr.r1223

Stephen Simmons mail@stevesimmons....
Sat Apr 17 17:07:49 CDT 2010

Can anyone help me fix problem in a fresh installation of IPython from 
the bzr repository? Hitting tab to get a list of tab completion options 
shows the options in random order: e.g.
 >> import numpy
 >> numpy.[tab]
numpy.SHIFT_DIVIDEBYZERO     numpy.pi                     numpy.inf
numpy.mgrid                  numpy.fastCopyAndTranspose   numpy.diagflat
numpy.string_                numpy.asarray_chkfinite      numpy.add_newdocs
numpy.pmt                    numpy.typename               numpy.RankWarning

Older versions of IPython (e.g. 0.10) used to sort these.

Many thanks

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