[IPython-User] Browsing through file structure

Patrick Grieshaber pgr@patrickgrieshaber....
Sat Aug 14 16:35:06 CDT 2010


I use ip 0.10 on fedora linux.
My problem: when browsing through the filesystem with cd and then
pressing tab to see the content, then it inserts a single space instead
of showing me the content of that directory.
[~]|1> cd /etc/[TAB]
Display all 218 possibilities? (y or n)
ArithmeticError              KeyboardInterrupt            TypeError

It does not matter if I use !cd, %cd, or ip -p sh.

The behavior I expect is the behavior from bash:
$ cd /etc/
Display all 301 possibilities? (y or n)
abrt/                         crypttab

I hope someone knows what is wrong here.

Thank you,

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