[IPython-User] problems with ipython 0.10 autocompletion and interactive plotting

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson@bostream...
Tue Aug 24 12:03:02 CDT 2010

Daniel Platz skrev 2010-07-31 12:23:
> Hello!
> I have some problems with ipython which I do not really understand, I
> installed ipython 0.10 together with Python 2.6 on Windows 7. This
> installation was no problem and I can also run ipython. However, there
> are two problems.
> The autocompletion seems not to work with external packages. For
> example, if I use the pylab option, type "l" and press tab nothing
> happens. It seems that only when there is one possibility left the
> completion works, i.e. it completes "linspa" to "linspace". So it does
> not show other options for completion.

I do not see this problem on windows xp, python 2.6, ipython 0.10, 
pyreadline 1.5 or 1.6.
I get a full list of completions already when there is only l on the line:

In [2]: l
lambda                  logical_or              loglog
list                    longlong                longest_ones
locals                  logaddexp               longdouble
len                     left_shift              longcomplex
license                 logaddexp2              less
long                    log2                    lexsort
lapack_lite             little_endian           load
longest_contiguous_ones ldexp                   lognormal
loads                   lookfor                 logical_and
logseries               logical_xor             log
l2norm                  liaupunov               log10
legend                  locator_params          linalg
levypdf                 logical_not             log1p
less_equal              longfloat               logspace
l1norm                  lstsq                   ldir
loadtxt                 logistic                ls
linspace                laplace

In [2]: lin
linspace linalg

In [2]: lin


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