[IPython-User] How to configure: ipy_usr_conf.py or ipythonrc?

kevin beckford chiggsy@lazyweb...
Wed Dec 8 04:20:51 CST 2010

> The docs have not been fully updated to reflect the state of 0.11...
So far, the thing that makes ipython a tool i like, which is being able to
use it as a system shell, to hone my casual python skills, to live,
essentially in python, does not seem to be addressed in 0.11 in any extent.
 The docs are actually not updated for 0.10.1 in fact.  I expressed my
surprise in this thread because there are several ways to configure ipython
for shell use, and there is no real indicator which one to use.

Now I came via perl, and my day to day shell is zsh, so Tim Toady and I have
a close working relationship, but I did not expect to find him here...
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