[IPython-User] IPython parallel functionality added to http://wiki.python.org/moin/ParallelProcessing

Dan Halbert halbert@halwitz....
Tue Dec 14 07:29:39 CST 2010

You're very welcome about adding IPython to the wiki. I would not have 
known about the parallel stuff in IPython if I hadn't read the manual in 
some detail.

Deciding how to list it was actually the hardest part of putting it in 
the wiki. The parallel capability does not have a uniform name, as far 
as I know. It is just "the parallel functionality in IPython" right now. 
Do you think it should have a name? The import name is not very 
descriptive: "from IPython.kernel import client".

Having a name speaks to the "is the parallelism separable?" discussion 
also on ipython-user now, but even without being separated, it might be 
nice to have a uniform shorthand name. I offer some strawmen:

parallel IPython (capitalized or not)
IPython parallelism
distributed IPython
IPython clustering

(or IPyCluster? Another digression: I see several projects with "IP" as 
a prefix, but that has many meanings; "IPy" seems more specific to me.)


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