[IPython-user] CLI for Tango: Qt-widget freezes during sleep

Wellenreuther, Gerd gerd.wellenreuther@desy...
Fri Feb 5 10:11:45 CST 2010

Darren Dale wrote:
> I doubt that you are putting the q4thread to sleep. It's hard to
> comment without additional information about the implementation. Are
> you calling time.sleep() in the same thread that is taking care of
> dispatching update events to your qt4 widget? 

I am launching IPyhton with the -q4thread-option. I run a startup-script 
which is building the widget, connecting the signals (e.g. the timer for 
the automatic update) and showing the corresponding widget in the end.

But all the signalling etc. should then run in the separate q4thread, or 
am I wrong?

> Can you assemble a
> *short*, *self-contained* example that reproduces the problem?

I can, but that could take some time. Will try.

Cheers, Gerd

Dr. Gerd Wellenreuther
beamline scientist P06 "Hard X-Ray Micro/Nano-Probe"
Petra III project
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22603 Hamburg

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