[IPython-user] docstring of decorated functions

Tsviki Hirsh tsviki.hirsh@gmail....
Tue Jan 5 00:53:31 CST 2010

Dear list,

The magic ? and ?? commands are among the most useful features in ipython
(at least for me),
I'm also using them to read my selfdocumentation on my own functions.
Therefore I was surprised to learn that you cannot read the doc string of a
decorated function using ? or ??

for example, consider this decorator and function

def deco(f):
'''decorator docstring'''
def _deco(*args,**kwargs):
'''decorator inner function docstring'''
print 'args=',args
return f(*args,**kwargs)
return _deco

def myfunc(x,y):
'''function docstring'''
return x+y

if I try to call myfunc docstring using ? I get:

In [18]: exem.myfunc?
Type: function
Base Class: <type 'function'>
String Form: <function _deco at 0x868a5a4>
Namespace: Interactive
File: /home/tsviki/exem.py
Definition: exem.myfunc(*args, **kwargs)
    decorator inner function docstring

and if I try to call ??, it just gives me the decorator inner function.

Is there a way to overlap this?
linking the decorator __doc__ to myfunc.__doc__ won't help in case that I
have several functions that use the same decorator.

Any help?

Thanks a lot

Tsviki Hirsh
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