[IPython-user] Couple questions on Fernando's trunk-dev

Gökhan Sever gokhansever@gmail....
Mon Jan 18 00:55:41 CST 2010

Hi Fernando,

Following your encouragement here I am with a new set of questions :)

1-) My favourite the tab-completion:


bum the cursor jumps one next to where it is supposed to be.

2-) In .../ipython-dev/IPython/core/magic.py looking at the magic_whos code:

You still mention of Numeric. Shouldn't these instances be cleared both in
code and documentation providing that you drop support for Python 2.4 and

3-) Lines 966-967

        # for these types, show len() instead of data:
        seq_types = [types.DictType,types.ListType,types.TupleType]

with a sample code:

In [18]: ll = range(10)

In [19]: whos
Variable   Type                Data/Info
a          InteractiveShell    <InteractiveShell('ipython.component0')>
b          NoneType            None
ll         list                [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

>From this, either the comment or the output of the whos needs to be updated.

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