[IPython-user] pdb remembering, but not using, breakpoints in pdb.runcall?

Reckoner reckoner@gmail....
Mon Jan 25 16:05:57 CST 2010


I notice that every time I do pdb.runcall(function, arguments) and
then interactively set a breakpoint, and then re-run the same
pdb.runcall() after editing the file that contains the function in
question and doing a "run" on that file, that IPython or pdb does not
remember the previously set breakpoints as shown by doing

pdb> b

However, re-setting the previous breakpoint (same line number) causes
the breakpoint count to increase so that doing

pdb> b

again results in a long list of breakpoints all corresponding to the same line.

Is this normal behavior? Am I not understanding something about the
debugger, or is this some kind of IPython thing?

I hope that made some sense. I think the issue is doing the "run" in
the development cycle that is causing the debugger to not recall the
breakpoints correctly.

thanks in advance.

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