[IPython-user] KeyboardInterrupt ignored until flush is complete!

Danny Jacobs jacobsda@sas.upenn....
Sat Jan 30 15:14:00 CST 2010

Hi Everyone,
Here is a question I put out a couple months ago but didn't get any
bites. I'm still suffering from this issue which is definitely a pain.
Anyone have an idea? I can provide any additional data anyone might
think to look at.

Hello Everyone,

My ipython usage experience is almost perfect and I am close to
achieving research nirvana but lately I have been having a strange
issue that really affects the workflow.  After working for a little
while, doing plotting and numpy stuff the keyboard interrupt (^c) at
the command line (eg to cancel a half-written command) stops working
and responds with

KeyboardInterrupt ignored until flush is complete!

before continuing on to (or attempt to) run whatever is on the command
line.  A google search for this error only brings up svn commits to
ipython from a couple years ago. As far as I can tell this has to do
with the pylab threading environment and perhaps some unfinished
thread process.  Is there a way to clear this (by giving it the flush
it desires) besides restarting the interpreter?  I haven't been able
to pin down when exactly interrupts stop working but I will keep
trying. Its definitely after doing some pylab plotting.

My basic science command line is:
ipython -pylab -p sh

IPython 0.10   [on Py 2.5.1]
OS X (10.5)


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