[IPython-User] Logplay and %timeit

Dominique Orban dominique.orban@gmail....
Tue Jul 27 09:02:39 CDT 2010


Apologies if this question came up before. Haven't found it in the archives.

I'm logging my session by starting IPython with '-log'. The commands
include some %timeit magic commands that, of course, display timing
statistics when typed at the IPython prompt. But if I quit IPython and
restart it with -logplay, the timing statistics are no longer
displayed and all I get is something like:

$ ipython -logplay ipython_log.py
Activating auto-logging. Current session state plus future input saved.
Filename       : ipython_log.py
Mode           : append
Output logging : False
Raw input log  : False
Timestamping   : False
State          : active
Replaying log...
Loading log file <ipython_log.py> one line at a time...
Finished replaying log file <ipython_log.py>

How can I get -logplay to display the output?



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