[IPython-User] Attribute sorting.

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Thu Jul 29 15:43:11 CDT 2010


I apologize is this question has already been asked, but I could not find any 
information about my problem.

When I use TAB to get a complete list of attributes of an object, the way they 
are sorted depends on how I called ipython.

If I call ipython -pylab, I get the following:

In[1] : w = {}
In[2] : w.
w.__class__         w.__format__        w.__init__          w.__lt__            
w.clear             w.fromkeys          w.items             w.__ne__            
w.__cmp__           w.__ge__            w.__iter__          w.__new__           

After pressing TAB. The attributes are sorted as if the __ were not there.

On the other hand, if I start ipython with no option, I get:
In [1]: w = {}

In [2]: w.
w.__class__         w.__getattribute__  w.__ne__            w.__subclasshook__  
w.__cmp__           w.__getitem__       w.__new__           w.clear             
w.__contains__      w.__gt__            w.__reduce__        w.copy              

and in this case, the attributes are sorted with the leading __ taken into 
account. And it is the way I want it to look like.

Is there a way to modify the way ipython is set up with the -pylab option, so 
that the sorting is always done the same way, that is with putting underscores 
before any character?

Thanks a lot.


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