[IPython-User] problems with ipython 0.10 autocompletion and interactive plotting

Daniel Platz mail.to.daniel.platz@googlemail....
Sat Jul 31 05:23:29 CDT 2010


I have some problems with ipython which I do not really understand, I
installed ipython 0.10 together with Python 2.6 on Windows 7. This
installation was no problem and I can also run ipython. However, there
are two problems.

The autocompletion seems not to work with external packages. For
example, if I use the pylab option, type "l" and press tab nothing
happens. It seems that only when there is one possibility left the
completion works, i.e. it completes "linspa" to "linspace". So it does
not show other options for completion.

The second problem concerns plotting with matplotlib. From the shell I
can plot as usually. When I run a script with some plotting commands,
ipython does not return from a "show" command. Instead I have to close
the plot window and then I can use ipython again.

I looked into the documentation but I have no idea what these problems
can really be due to. I am thinking that it could be a problem that I
run windows 7 with 64 bit. But I have the same setup running on
another windows 7 64 bit computer and there it works like a charm.
Could there be a problem with pyreadline? How can I check this? Or
went something wrong during the configuration in the first ipython
run? I would be very glad if someone has an idea about the described

Thanks in advance


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