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kcsmith kcsmith@raytheon....
Mon Jul 26 18:09:14 CDT 2010

I'm trying to run ipcluster under the sun grid engine on a 10 node cluster
and I encountered the following error.

Only those ipengines which reside on the same node as ipcontroller connect.  
The rest get CONNECTION REFUSED[111] errors.

I traced this problem down to the furl files that ipcontroller creates. 
They only have the local host ip address listed.  

If I manually add the actual ipcontroller node's ip address to the furl then
everything works, ipengines connect and the client connects.



When ipcontroller is started on

Is there some system setting or environment variable which can be set to
force foolscap to include the ipcontroller node ip address?  Or is there
something else wrong??

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