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Sun Jun 13 20:59:27 CDT 2010

Often I need to insert and remove things from a DB while doing data 
analysis.  I use normal python db apis for this, but I recently wrapped 
a couple in magic functions within ipython to make it a bit more 
natural.  Nothing too fancy here, but it makes the simple routines of 
retrieving and inserting data easy...

Script attached for those interested (mysql only atm), examples below...


Definition:	sql(self, arg)
     Provides simplified syntax for operating with databases.  Query
types supported include SELECT, INSERT, and DELETE.  Initialization of 
SQL connection must be done first, for instance:
     Usage examples:
         %sql select * from data
         %sql describe data
         %sql insert into data values ("a","b","c")
         %sql insert into data myvar
             if myvar is a dict this expands to "insert into data 
(key1...keyn) values (val1...valn)
         %sql create table data myvar"
           if myvar is a dict this creates the table with columns as 
keys and datatypes as values
           e.g. myvar = {'col1': 'VARCHAR(255)', 'col2': 'INT'}
     See also:

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