[IPython-User] IPython included in Spyder v1.1.0

Pierre Raybaut pierre.raybaut@gmail....
Mon Jun 21 03:35:15 CDT 2010


As I wrote in my post, IPython has been integrated in the *external*
console, meaning that you will have to "Open an IPython interpreter"
in the external console's menu (or directly from the plugin's context


> Hi,
> >> Since v1.1.0 (which has recently reached Release Candidate 1), IPython has
> >> been integrated in the external console.
> When I start spyder 1.10 rc2 it just loads a normal shell; what do you
> need to do to get it to start an ipython shell?
> I noticed talk online about ipython getting it own gui this summer.  I
> checked out the 0.11 source but it wasn't immediately clear how to go
> about building/deploying it.  Maybe someone could comment on its
> readiness and how I might go about playing with it?
> Chris

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