[IPython-user] "greedy" tab completion

Johann Rohwer jr@sun.ac...
Tue Mar 9 01:51:15 CST 2010

Fellow IPython users,

I've noticed a recent behavior which is a bit annoying in my everyday 
workflow, which is perhaps best illustrated with the following IPython 

In [1]: class testclass: pass

In [2]: testclass.a=1

In [3]: testclass.b=2

In [4]: testc<TAB>

In [4]: testclass

The tab completion completes the class name but the cursor is 
positioned after the space after the name, which makes it cumbersome 
to inspect attributes or class methods, since I have to backspace, 
type dot, and hit tab again to get the desired effect:

In [4]: testclass.
testclass.__doc__     testclass.__module__  testclass.a    testclass.b

Is there an rc/config setting to change this? I find that I'm tab-
completing through class and method names a lot and really need this, 
so the current behavior is a hassle. I remember previous versions 
working "as expected" but cannot recall exactly when the change took 

In [7]: IPython.__version__
Out[7]: '0.10'

In [8]: IPython.__revision__
Out[8]: '1210'

(The version I'm running is shipped with Mandriva Linux 2010.0 64-


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