[IPython-user] tab complete questions

Andre Walker-Loud walksloud@gmail....
Tue Mar 9 20:56:44 CST 2010

Hi All,

I am confused by the tab completion in ipython.

First, I am running OSX 10.5 on intell, python 2.6, ipython 0.10, and  
I have corrected the "readline" problem.

OK first, I have added "mypath" to sys.path.  When I import a module  
which lives in "mypath/bin", everything works.  But, when I do

In [XX]: run my_script.py

it fails :(

ERROR: File `my_script.py` not found.

However, if I do

In [XX+1]: run mypath/bin/my_script.py

then it works.  Why can't it find the file?

A probably related problem:  my_script.py process data files I have.   
If I have data1.dat in the directory I am in, then

In [XX]: run mypath/bin/my_script.py da [tab complete]

works and finds the file.  However, if the data1.dat files in in a  
subdirectory, say mydir/data1.dat, then the tab complete no longer  

In [XX]: run mypath/bin/my_script.py mydir/dat [tab complete]

eh, eh, eh (the sound of my mac telling me "don't know what you want  
me to do")

So, is this how it works in ipython?  Do I have some goofy setup I am  
unaware of?  Anyone else have this issue?



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