[IPython-user] File path tab completion problems on Windows XP

Wes McKinney wesmckinn@gmail....
Tue Mar 23 15:44:12 CDT 2010

I have noticed this problem with IPython 0.10 and prior. When I tab
complete files in IPython, it replaces forward slashes with
backslashes. This would be fine, except backslashes are an invalid
argument to %run:

In [5]: run wesm/t

then TAB:

In [5]: run wesm\test.py

In [6]: run wesm\test.py
ERROR: File `wesmtest.py` not found.

What's strange is, on another computer where I'd installed stock
IPython 0.10 and Pyreadline 1.5, it did work.

Any advice would be helpful.


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