[IPython-User] Autocompletion behaviour in ipython

Joe Kilner J.Kilner@surrey.ac...
Thu Nov 11 07:37:03 CST 2010

Hi am running ipython on Ubuntu 10.4. I have a question about the
auto-completion behaviour. When expanding directories/file in generic
shell commands or in a string auto-complete automatically expands to
include any intermediate directories and files.

Wile I'm sure this is just what some people want, for me this is often
quite annoying as I am trying to give one of those intermediate
directories as a command parameter. Another annoying case is when I
loose a bunch of recent commands and results off the screen to be
replaced with a list of files I'm not interested in.

>From what I can see this behaviour is introduced in the ipython
completer. Is it possible to modify this so that the behaviour can be
configured by the user (or is this already possible)? Ideally all file
completion would work more like the cd completer.


Joe Kilner
CVSSP - FEPS - University of Surrey
+44(0)1483689842 - www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/J.Kilner/

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