[IPython-User] ipython parallelism returning user-defined types

John Reid j.reid@mail.cryst.bbk.ac...
Fri Nov 12 11:51:24 CST 2010

On 10/11/10 21:39, Brian Granger wrote:
>      >
>      > Hmm, that is an odd error that I have never seen.  Even the fact
>     that it is a
>      > TypeError is odd to me.  A couple of things to look at:
>      >
>      > * Make sure that named tuples can be pickled and unpickled.
>     namedtuple objects can be pickled, but you have to be particularly
>     careful.
>     Creating a namedtuple type at the prompt and then trying to send
>     that over won't
>     work because the type won't be available on the other side.
>     IPython's FakeModule
>     will cause more complications. Creating a namedtuple type inside of
>     a function
>     is even worse since the pickle cannot address it by name. If you
>     create the
>     namedtuple type in a real module that is available to both
>     interpreters, it will
>     probably work.
> Robert makes good points.  You do have to make sure types are in modules
> when using IPython.  I would put namedtuple in a module, and then make
> sure you import that module in both the client and engine namespaces.
Yup, I think I had avoided these pitfalls but there was still the 
TypeError. I imagine it is something to do with the recipe from the 
activestate python cookbook. In any case the collections.namedtuple in 
python 2.6 is working just fine.


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