[IPython-User] Feature request (or can this be done by configuration?)

Daniel González Gasull gasull@gmail....
Wed Oct 6 20:01:18 CDT 2010


I've been using IPython as my system shell for a while and I love it,
but I reverted to FISH (Friendly Interactive SHell
<http://fishshell.org/index.php>) because I was missing 2 features
from it:

1) Command history.

In FISH I can type:

~ $ sudo apt-get autoremove

And later type

~ $ autore<up-arrow>

and I'll get the command "sudo apt-get autoremove".  In IPython I
would need to type "sudo...".

I guess this cannot be done just by configuration.

2) Directory history.

In FISH I can do this:

~ $ cd workspace
~/workspace $ cd myproject
~/workspace/myproject $ <alt+left>
~/workspace $ <alt+left>
~ $ <alt+right>
~/workspace $

So you can browse your directory history as you would do in your
browser.  Very handy.

Can IPython be configured to do this?

If IPython could do the 2 things above it would be the absolute best
shell out there.

I this the right list/place to post a feature request?


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