[IPython-User] IPython included in Spyder v1.1.0

Pierre Raybaut pierre.raybaut@gmail....
Thu Sep 9 15:10:28 CDT 2010

Hi Fernando,

2010/9/8 Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com>:
>> I completely forgot to give some feedback regarding this threading
>> issues which were causing bugs when integrating IPython into Spyder.
>> These problems occured only on Windows platforms: IPython's internal
>> main loop was blocking the GUI event loop, hence freezing any opened
>> window/dialog box, when calling a file open/save dialog. Example: when
>> clicking on the 'Save as' button of a Matplotlib's figure, the figure
>> was frozen until the user hit the <Enter> key in the IPython
>> console... so, quite an ugly bug.
>> In the meantime, I found a workaround, maybe as ugly as the bug itself
>> but it works like a charm.
> Well, I'm glad to hear you got it working and that you've integrated
> ipython into spyder, that's great!

I was glad too and note that Spyder v2.0 which beta1 has just been
released is quite centered on IPython integration. Every single Spyder
feature now works with IPython as well as in standard Python
interpreter: for example, the User Module Deleter works too (UMD
automatically deeply reloads user modules, i.e. a behavior similar to

> I did want to mention, though, that I hope all the new work will make
> collaboration with spyder much easier in the future.  You may have
> seen posts about the 2 process model and the qt widgets; the ipython
> I'm now pretty much always using is this widget:
> http://fperez.org/tmp/ipqt_gui_inline.png

I've heard about the development work planned this summer regarding
this new 2 process model but I've never seen any screenshot until
today (I can't find enough time to read mailing lists lately --- for a
few months...). I must say: wow, that's impressive, really good work!
Just out of curiosity, the 'pasted' figure is not resizable, isn't it?

I'm sure that this new IPython version will make collaboration easier.
I'm sure that it could give me a lot of ideas regarding its
integration in Spyder.
Spyder v3.0 maybe? Ah! I thought that I could rest for a while after
v2.0 release... damn! ;-)

Keep up the good work!


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