[IPython-User] IPython and ipcluster on Windows 7

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Thu Sep 9 17:10:34 CDT 2010

[Cc-ing back to the list in case this helps others as well]

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Josh Hemann <Josh.Hemann@roguewave.com> wrote:
> Back to this 64-bit Windows 7, 64-bit Python 2.7, IPython 0.11 parallel extensions debugging (Fernando is cc'd because he kindly followed up with a forums post I made on this topic)...
> First, I set my Windows 7 system security to basically be off. I have just run into too many issues lately where, even though I have admin rights, there are differences between running a process as Administrator vs "normal", especially with respect to files being written to directories. So, I did not want that to be an issue. Next, I decided to try this really crude attempt at at least getting an error message: taking a screenshot. It took many attempts to hit the Enter key for the "ipcluster create" command followed by the precise correct timing of hitting the Print Screen key before the popped up console window would disappear, but I eventually got. See attached.
> I am happy to help debug in any way. Hopefully the error message means more to you than it does to me right now.

Ah, I may actually be able to help with that error message...

What's happening is that the install script created by setuptools
isn't finding the right pieces.  You may have a slightly mis-installed
ipython.  I never use setuptools by default for reasons like these,
but on Windows our installer uses it because... Well, I honestly don't
remember why anymore, but at some point we had to add the script entry
points to be done via setuptools.  We might be able to revisit this, I
simply don't remember the reason.

But that means you seem to have a slightly mis-installed version of
IPython.  From the screenshot, it looks like your installation is

Let's try this, run again from the source tree (the .git tag in there
tells me you're running from a source tree for 0.11):

python setupegg.py install

and let's see if that helps.



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