[IPython-User] ipcluster ssh and remote port forwarding

Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia giovanni.luca.ciampaglia@usi...
Wed Sep 15 13:01:03 CDT 2010

I would like to run 'ipcluster ssh' on a host A that is behind a 
firewall, which I normally access through a VPN gateway, and be able to 
launch engines on another host B. The problem is that on this other host 
B I don't have the previleges to setup a VPN tunnel, so I thought I 
could overcome this situation using the remote port forwarding feature 
of SSH.

The idea is that from A I can run for example:
 > ssh -NR 2200:A:22 B
so that port 2200 on B is forwarded over the secure channel A->B back to 
port 22 on A (actually localhost). This way for example I can connect 
with SSH on a non standard port of B without having to setup the tunnel.

How do I use the same trick, but with ipcluster ssh? That is, how do I 
tell to ipcluster which port the engines should connect to so that they 
can talk to the ipcontroller?

Giovanni L. Ciampaglia
PhD Student
University of Lugano, MACS Lab

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