[IPython-User] trouble setting an editor

Richard D. Moores rdmoores@gmail....
Mon Sep 27 08:36:07 CDT 2010

64-bit Vista
Python 2.6 for IPython 0.10
I also have Python 2.7 and 3.1

I'd like to use the version of IDLE that comes with Python 2.6.
However, if I have the line


in my ipy_user_conf.py, what opens is Notepad, the default for Windows.

So, in imitation of the line

#ipy_editors.scite('c:/opt/scite/scite.exe') ,

I swapped out the above line for


and now when I enter

ed fact.py     (fact.py is a script of mine that I copied to C:Python26/Scripts)

the IDLE for Python 3.1 opens, all set to edit the SCRIPT
c:/Python26/Lib/idlelib/idle.pyw !

What's going on here? What do I have to do to use the Python 2.6
version of IDLE with IPython?


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