[IPython-User] module reloading in 0.11

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Wed Aug 3 03:03:24 CDT 2011


First, many thanks for 0.11!

I am still using 0.10.2, as it is in my distribution, and so I would like to 
ask one thing.

In 0.10.2, when one edits a Python script, it is very convenient to try it in 
ipython shell using the %run command. But, if a module imported in the script 
changes, it is not reloaded, just as the docs say "(except for sharing global 
objects such as previously imported modules)".

Could this "problem" be solved somehow by the new two-process architecture of 
0.11? I have just tried the Git version, and it behaves just like 0.10.2 in 
this respect.


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