[IPython-User] hsplit or vsplit?

Paul Ivanov pivanov314@gmail....
Fri Aug 5 18:03:33 CDT 2011

Paul Ivanov, on 2011-08-05 08:24,  wrote:
> Thomas Kluyver, on 2011-08-05 16:06,  wrote:
> > That's the way I'd expect them (and I wasn't involved with designing that).
> > With hsplit, the splitter bar itself is vertical, but it is (to my mind)
> > splitting the contents of the window horizontally.
> vi users all disagree with you - both vim and nvi have :vsplit as 
> | Console | Pager |

Ok, in your defense, vertical splitter in Google's Web Toolkit
does the same thing as IPython trunk. In our defense, aptitude
vertical split theme does | Console | Pager |, too, and so does
the 'vertical split' patch for screen, visual studio vertical
split view, and ultraedit - to get a potpourri of examples.

I guess the ambiguity comes from what the 'v' and 'h' stand for.
To me, they are 'vertical' and 'horizontal' - i.e. they describe
the orientation of the split, which is a noun. The other
interpretation is that 'vertically' and 'horizontally' - i.e.
they describe how to partition the space, and split is a verb,
and the 'h' and 'v' refer to how the spaces are arranged.

Paul Ivanov
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