[IPython-User] hsplit or vsplit?

Brian Granger ellisonbg@gmail....
Fri Aug 5 18:57:40 CDT 2011

Sounds like no matter which we choose we will confuse 50% of our
users.  I am not sure there is any way around this confusion, unless
we can come up with some clever naming that completely removes the
ambiguity.  My feeling is that we should stick with our choice though,
not because it is better, but because it is.



On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 4:03 PM, Paul Ivanov <pivanov314@gmail.com> wrote:
> Paul Ivanov, on 2011-08-05 08:24,  wrote:
>> Thomas Kluyver, on 2011-08-05 16:06,  wrote:
>> > That's the way I'd expect them (and I wasn't involved with designing that).
>> > With hsplit, the splitter bar itself is vertical, but it is (to my mind)
>> > splitting the contents of the window horizontally.
>> vi users all disagree with you - both vim and nvi have :vsplit as
>> | Console | Pager |
> Ok, in your defense, vertical splitter in Google's Web Toolkit
> does the same thing as IPython trunk. In our defense, aptitude
> vertical split theme does | Console | Pager |, too, and so does
> the 'vertical split' patch for screen, visual studio vertical
> split view, and ultraedit - to get a potpourri of examples.
> I guess the ambiguity comes from what the 'v' and 'h' stand for.
> To me, they are 'vertical' and 'horizontal' - i.e. they describe
> the orientation of the split, which is a noun. The other
> interpretation is that 'vertically' and 'horizontally' - i.e.
> they describe how to partition the space, and split is a verb,
> and the 'h' and 'v' refer to how the spaces are arranged.
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