[IPython-User] connecting to remote kernel in 0.11

neil rabinowitz neil.rabinowitz@merton.ox.ac...
Sat Aug 6 13:56:59 CDT 2011

Thanks for that superb response -- it does exactly what I want it to do. You
should document this somewhere as a walk-through.

>> RuntimeError: Can only launch a kernel on a local interface. Make sure
>> that the '*_address' attributes are configured properly. Currently valid
>> addresses are: ['', '', '', '']
> This would suggest that our code that determines the available IPs on your
> system isn't working properly.  We should probably relax this check, and
> trust the user to know their own IP.
> What do you get with:
> import socket
> hostname = socket.gethostname()
> socket.gethostbyname_ex(hostname)
> ?

on a couple of different machines, i get:

('machine_name', [], [''])

which doesn't therefore include my network IPs.

> Following the documentation that opens up the kernel to all
>> interfaces, I try launching ipython with the ip tag set to, which
>> does indeed launch a console. However, I can't then seem to connect to this
>> instance anyway I try. The usual method (launching a new instance with the
>> "--existing ..." flags) brings up a qtconsole, displaying the usual headers,
>> but no prompt ever appears. The same is true if I append the extra flags to
>> the second qtconsole of --ip= or --ip= and so on -- just a
>> promptless console.
> That should definitely work, so it's presumably some kind of bug, but I
> can't think of what it would be.
> ipython qtconsole --ip=
> # copy '--existing...'
> then connect with:
> ipython qtconsole --ip=192.168.X.Y <paste>
> # or if you are on the same machine:
> ipython qtconsole --ip= <paste>

i ran this again, and it works now. this suggests that i was doing something
thoughtless before.

> As for SSH, you need to set up tunnels.  The parallel code will try to set
> up these tunnels for you, but the KernelManager used in the qt code doesn't
> use this yet, and you have to set them up yourself.

As above, thanks for this -- works a charm.

Is there a way of creating a kernel instance without generating a qtconsole
at the same time? At the moment, if I try to launch "ipython qtconsole" over
ssh without a display attached, the kernel never launches.

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