[IPython-User] vim-ipython: misuse of waitforbuttonpress leaves kernel unresponsive

Jorge Scandaliaris jorgesmbox-ml@yahoo...
Sat Aug 6 16:35:40 CDT 2011

I run a file through vim-ipython that uses 
plt.waitforbuttonpress(timeout=0) for showing some matplotlib plots. A 
couple of figures appear, and uppon pressing some key the get updated. 
Accidentally (actually, I used to do this all the time, without any side 
effects, when I wanted to stop for some reason without showing all the 
updates) I just closed the figures and after that I could not interact 
anymore with the ipython kernel, not from vim nor the qtconsole.
I guess the kernel is left waiting (infinitely) for my key press without 
noticing I just killed the figures. Is there any way, other than 
allowing the script to end by itself, to stop a script running in the 



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