[IPython-User] ipcluster in ssh mode -

Manuel Jung mjung@astrophysik.uni-kiel...
Sat Aug 6 13:56:20 CDT 2011


I'm playing around with the new parallel capabilities of ipython and want to
set up a ssh cluster. Because all ports are closed on our network, i want to
tunnel every connection trough ssh.

On my workstation should run the controller and clients and the engines are
running on remote PCs in our cluster. I needed to setup a remote port
forwarding for the engines, but they get connected to the controller. Also i
can connect as client to the controller.

But shortly after a engines connects

[IPClusterStart] [IPEngineApp] Completed registration with id 0

I get this message:

[IPClusterStart] [IPControllerApp] registration::purging stalled
registration: 0

What does it mean? Also:

Client(profile='ssh').ids == []

What happend? Can someone give me a pointer?
Looking forward for my data analysis cluster "to go"
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