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Manuel Jung mjung@astrophysik.uni-kiel...
Sun Aug 7 16:25:18 CDT 2011

Well no answers yet, but i made some progression.

I was not able to work around the error, but i think i understand now, why
this does not work.

The error appears, because the registration is successfull, but everything
else like heartbeat etc. fails. For these operations were no ports

It is stated here


that tunneling for engines (which i tried) is not supported atm. I tried to
work around this, but only created a tunnel for the registration socket -
not for the other sockets, which are used by the engines. An overview of
them is given here:


Well i did specify the registration port, but i did not specify ports
heartbeats etc. Am i able to do this to get homebrew engine tunneling? I saw
a bunch of options which are maybe related in the configuration for the
controller, but did'nt quite understud, which ones i had to alter.

Maybe someone could point out, why there is no tunneling support for engines
there (yet)? Is there any particular reason for this, other than just nobody
did it yet?

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