[IPython-User] Parallel direct view pull and bandwidth

RICHARD Georges-Emmanuel perspective.electronic@gmail....
Sun Aug 7 21:38:21 CDT 2011

Hi Minrk,

first of all congratulation to all the ipython team for the great work 
you did with the release 0.11, and ZMQ 2.1.7. I'm a fan.

I tried the parallel with direct views, that's great.

with a machine A (
1)    ipcontroller --ip='*'
from machine"A" I remote start ipengine on machine"B" (
2)    ssh root@ ipengine 
(I do the point 2)  twice to get 2 ipengines, I also tried in local with 
only machine"A")

then I start ipython to start a client, and I want to evaluate the 
bandwith (and latency in a second step).

import time
from IPython.parallel import Client
rc = Client()
dview.execute("FOO=[0.0 for i in xrange(62500)",block=True)  #  62500 * 
float 64 -> 500kB of data to transfer
T=time.time();tmp=dview.pull('FOO');print time.time() - T    # for 2 
T=time.time();tmp=dview.pull('FOO',0);print time.time() - T # for 1 

in case of machine"A" as controller and machine"B" as 2 ipengines
pull FOO from machine"B" 2 engines 9.03 seconds        (2*500kB/9.03 => 
110kB/s)     on a network 100Mb/s (12.MB/s)
pull FOO from machine"B" 1 engine 4.7     seconds        (500kB/4.7 => 

in case of machine"A" as controller and as 2 ipengines
pull FOO from machine"A" 2 engines 3.4   seconds        (2*500kB/3.4 => 
294kB/s) on a local machine
pull FOO from machine"A" 1 engine 2.7     seconds        (500kB/2.7 => 

I guess I'm doing something wrong, or I missuse something. Any hint 
would be appreciate, anyway I will continue to dig in.

Machine"A" and "B" are running under RHEL5 flavoured distro, with python 
2.6, ipython 0.11 installed from source.
Machine"A" is a Quad core 2.6GHz
Machine"B" is an AMD64 3000+  1.8GHz (pretty old but still alive)


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