[IPython-User] Putting a kernel inside a GUI (WX or Qt) application so you can run external Qt consoles against it.

Pierre Raybaut pierre.raybaut@gmail....
Wed Aug 10 09:21:43 CDT 2011

Hi Fernando,

I'm in the middle of my vacations but I heard of the v0.11 release so
I couldn't resist to test some things and begin to think about the
future of IPython integration in Spyder.

First of all, congratulations to the IPython dev team for this
impressive new release. Some details (like the excellent documentation
or the great-looking website) show that a lot of work has been done
and you should be proud of the result. I'm really excited to
contribute to the promotion of IPython through Spyder!

A lot of things were broken in Spyder with this new release of IPython:
The essential part has already been taken care of (especially on
non-Windows platforms, everything is almost back to normal).

For the future, I'm thinking of a new dedicated Spyder plugin, the
IPython plugin, which would be based on IPython v0.11's Qt console. I
hope that, in time, you will be able to cite this application of
IPython Qt console as an example...
As I mentioned on my blog, the critical part should be the variable
explorer support -- currently, Spyder is already using a two-process
architecture with sockets communicating things for code introspection
(code completion, calltips, ...) and for the variable explorer
management (getting namespace contents, getting/sending variables
contents, and so on).

However, being in the middle of my vacations, I won't be very
efficient for coding new things, at least in the next two weeks. So I
won't bother you with all my naive technical questions right now.

Anyway, a Spyder user mentioned this post of yours and so I tried to
run the 'ipkernel_qtapp.py' on my Windows machine, and it crashes when
I click on the "Qt console" button. Apparently, the embedded IPython
kernel is started with bad parameters and I don't know why exactly
(the 'hb' port is 0, which is the cause of the crash when trying to
run a Qt Console with these parameters):
[IPKernelApp] To connect another client to this kernel, use:
[IPKernelApp] --existing --shell=57119 --iopub=61366 --stdin=55688 --hb=0


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> From: Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com>
> Subject: [IPython-User] Putting a kernel inside a GUI (WX or Qt)
>        application so you can run external Qt consoles against it.
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> Hi all,
> [ forgot to CC the user list, where people who aren't on the dev list
> may care about this... ]
> we knew this was in principle possible given the new architecture, but
> in working with a colleague today I had to actually implement it, so
> I've committed these as examples (they only need 0.11 to run, so you
> can just copy these files if you want to play with them, or pull from
> master):
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/blob/master/docs/examples/lib/ipkernel_qtapp.py
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/blob/master/docs/examples/lib/ipkernel_wxapp.py
> Those two both use the same common machinery:
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/blob/master/docs/examples/lib/internal_ipkernel.py
> The idea is that you can have a full IPython kernel embedded in any
> GUI app (in this case, shown with either WX or Qt), and the app can
> then fire up a Qt console (or you can attach one externally).  The GUI
> app is modifying variables (the Count++ button) and dumping the user
> namespace to the console via buttons, while the Qt console can plot
> variables, run code, etc, that's in the namespace dict.
> These examples show that it actually takes very little code, and that
> this extra code is fairly generic (I used the same code for both the
> Qt and the WX examples).  In a real application it would be structured
> slightly differently, but the ideas should be clear from this simple
> example.
> I hope this is useful, since this is something that I've been asked
> *many* times over the years.
> Cheers,
> f

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