[IPython-User] Errors in ipython 0.11 using python 3.2.1

Maarten Derickx m.derickx.student@gmail....
Thu Aug 11 09:15:19 CDT 2011

I was today trying to get IPython running with python 3.2.1 and after
I managed to do this I started playing with it for a while. I ran into
some error's. To describe what happened and what I expect I think it's
the clearest to just put an ipython 0.11 session with python 2.6 and
3.2.1 next to eachother where in both sessions I do the same. I posted
them at pastbin.

http://pastebin.com/ukXUnigi (working 2.6 session)
http://pastebin.com/wX3xmjYF (failing 3.2.1 session)

I also put all the code from the session in a script an run it using
python3.2.1 This code does give the expexted output so it's a bug in
IPython and not something that worked in python2.6 and broke in

I hope this report will help you make ipython better.

Kind Regards,
Maarten Derickx

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