[IPython-User] Errors in ipython 0.11 using python 3.2.1

Maarten Derickx m.derickx.student@gmail....
Thu Aug 11 10:35:07 CDT 2011

> The locations are all very platform dependent, and they're picked
> automatically by setuptools/distutils. It follows the standard Unix-y model
> of library files and executable files going in separate locations. The
> executable files should end up on your PATH, so it shouldn't matter where
> they are.
I guess this is the problem. After just doing:

python3.2 setup.py install

I had no new ipython commands in my path (not even something called ipython3).

> Possibly we should make it clearer that the Python 3 version is started with
> "ipython3" at the command line.
> Thanks,
> Thomas

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