[IPython-User] ipython-qtconsole missing

Klonuo Umom klonuo@gmail....
Sat Aug 20 01:31:33 CDT 2011

I installed IPython numerous time, and now I installed it on Ubuntu
11.04. First I installed zmq and pyzmq 2.1.7 then IPython: `python
setup.py install`

Somehow ipython-qtconsole wrapper script wasn't created, and this is
not first time I experience this, so thought to ask what am I missing,
perhaps I forgotten something...

$ which ipython
$ ls /usr/local/bin/ip*
/usr/local/bin/ipcluster     /usr/local/bin/ipengine  /usr/local/bin/iptest
/usr/local/bin/ipcontroller  /usr/local/bin/iplogger  /usr/local/bin/ipython

Some time ago I installed same version on Debian, by same steps AFAIK,
and ipython-qtconsole launcher was there.

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