[IPython-User] Problem with matplotlib when running within IPython

Jorge Scandaliaris jorgesmbox-ml@yahoo...
Tue Feb 8 04:56:52 CST 2011


In the last few days I've been troubleshooting a problem with a script using
matplotlib (mpl). The script relies on mpl event handling mechanisms to allow
for some interactions (mouse and keys). I've been adding and modifying to this
script for a long time. 
This week I wanted to add some new functionality to it, but started having
problems with the interactive part, i.e. I couldn't interact with neither the
mouse nor the keys. Long story short: When the script draws a small number of
elements (circles, ellipses) everything works as expected. Upon increasing the
number of elements, the (custom, mpl inbuilt interactions still work) event
handling stops working. Now the reason I am posting this here is because if I
run the script directly from python, I don't see the problem.
Would anyone have any clue about what could be happening? I don't know how to
debug this either, so any hints will be appreciated.



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